Work: Are you engaged?

Work: Are you engaged?

Are you working with a project? But are you engaged to it? Bemused :) Engaged at work

Working with a project doesn’t mean you are engaged to it. Engagement is most important quotient while working with a project. Just working with any project doesn’t have any significance till you add value to your work. Getting engaged with a project can be demonstrated by many ways like, consistently doing good work, being positive in the work, being dependable and promoting your work professionally.

Most industries are continuously working to develop these engagement qualities among their employees. They focus on making their employees professional so that they can be dependable and less supervised.

As they say, “An amateur works under supervision; professional works unsupervised.”

Numbers of training are being conducted as a routine to develop professional qualities in the employees. It is believed that there are 3 kind of employees, one who do whatever given to them, second who believe in consistent changes in the routine if feel undeveloped and third leave what given to them and remain dormant. The professionals fall in the second category and industries focus on that category the most.

Engagement begets performance and in turns the growth of the organization. Engagement is developed by the passion of the employees towards their work; hence it becomes the duty of the organizations to involve the employees’ feedback so that their passion and strengths can be used in the positive way. An engaged person always returns high performance, accelerated growth and success in both professional and personal life.

Happy being engaged at workEngagement factor is developed both externally and internally. By external I mean the work culture of the organization, the co-workers and colleagues and the training provided to the employee to accomplish the work. The internal factors consist of the qualities of an employee. They are the factors which employees develop by their own. Their grasping power and interests to attain the goal are more important for the engagement factor. You can always contribute to organizational growth by using these internal engagement factors.

High motivation and deep sense of satisfaction always help in engaging employees with the project. There are several other factors which increase the engagement of the employees within the project like getting connected with other colleagues easily, perfect balance in the employees’ work and personal life, learning and increasing knowledge in regular intervals, getting appreciation of achievements etc.

Most of the times employees are not satisfied with the compensation they get; thus it becomes a responsibility of the organizations to convince their employees regularly and in turn this can help in increasing the engagement factor among the employees.

It’s not only organization’s responsibility to work for increasing it among the employees but the employees should also work for the same. You should incline towards the work you do, take responsibility and always try to create a healthy environment while working. Motivating and appreciating the co-workers also help others in getting engaged with their work.

At last it’s never justified for an employee anticipating the organization to render the engagement but they should always come up with some ideas to increase the engagement.

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