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Do you enjoy the tedious tasks

BA: Your team-mates enjoy the repeated tasks?

tedious-tasksThis is certainly a big question for everyone involved in a project and for the people sitting at management level, this becomes even more important to make the work environment enjoyable and make the team-mates enjoy their routine activities including the tedious tasks. The role of a business analyst (BA) is also important and he also comes under the same umbrella when the delegation of the tasks come into the picture.

As a BA, you should always keep in mind that you are the one who is on the driver seat and have to drive the projects. A BA is a critical link between IT team members and key individuals involved with a project to ensure its timely and successful completion. Being on this position, a BA has to drive many things from the start of the requirement elicitation till the project goes to the maintenance mode. And I believe if s/he is having such an important role, s/he should be able to make her/his team-mates comfortable working on the project on daily basis.

There are many tasks in the project life-cycle which are tedious and sometimes become tiresome that the team doesn’t find it productive and lack interests in doing the same, e.g. testing the existing functionality after implementing the new one to check the impact of later on the former, if any. And when the development is in full swing; the frequency of such testing increases and then it really becomes important to hold the testers to perform their work with same excitement and zeal. Continue reading