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Customers: Really Important aspect of business?

customer-importantI have seen many people talking about customer and customer-relationship management. They all think customer as a supreme power and believe them as the most important aspect of the business. I have seen many managers talking about customer needs and asking the team to mould according to the needs and demands of the customers. Many workshops are regularly being conducted so that the team can better understand their customer and the gap can be mitigated. Leaders and Managers talk about knowing customer, marking the availability as per the customer demands and they strive hard for the CSS (customer satisfaction survey) rating to be always high. I believe many managers think that CSS is the only way to mark the satisfaction of the customers.customer-important1

But above all this I have a separate thinking about customers. In my career so far, I am blessed to work with many customers and all with different needs and demands. I worked for telecom industry and IT industry but believe me I have noticed whatever be the industry, the customers are always same. They always think themselves superior and care least about the vendors. I have been quite rebellious in my career and thus always have hot discussions with customer manager which sometimes harmed me but believe me most of the time I succeeded in convincing my manager that customer is not always right.

Before moving further, I would like to throw some light on the meaning of the word customer.

Customer: Someone who pays for goods or services [Courtsey: WordWeb Pro] Continue reading