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Solution Assessment and Validation

This is one of the knowledge areas for the business analysts as described in BABOK. This knowledge area deals with the solutions provided against the requirements. The solution should add a value and it is the duty of a business analyst to select, review and finalize the solution for the set of requirement. In this area the business analyst plays a very vital role as sometimes it’s his call to select the most appropriate from the list of the solutions. The solution selected by the business analyst should ensure that it meets the agreements between the stakeholders, enhance the business values and also do not contradict the organizational structures. So this knowledge area sometimes becomes more critical as the accepted solutions should meet the requirements of the business and the stakeholders should be able to understand the same. A business analyst should be able to explain the details of the most appropriate solution to all the stakeholders, so there may be some scenarios that he has to explain it to the people with minimum technical expertise.

Difference between Verification and Validation

Before moving further to learn more on solution assessment, let’s check out the difference between Verification and validation. On the first instance they both look almost similar, but there is a slight difference in the understanding.

Verification: To ensure that the selected work meets the specified requirements and the work is being done rightly on the product

Validation: To ensure that the selected work is on the track and it is being done on right product.

John E. Parker in his presentation defines the both as below:

Verification: Are we building the product right?

Validation: Are we building the right product?

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