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Seven sutras for Business Analysis

Sutra:  Sutra is a Sanskrit literature which means rule or short instructions prepared for memorization. It is well accepted word around the globe and world of dictionary explains it as “A rule or aphorism in Sanskrit literature or a group of aphoristic doctrinal summaries prepared for memorization”

With the advancement of the technologies and the development of different domains, a job title which developed exponentially and the most prevalent is business analyst. Business analysts are the people who can be the spine of any organization and has the potential to think of the profits during the losses. Business analysts (BA) are like the warriors for any organization who have to keep away the worries throughout the project life-cycle. A business analyst is a renowned and process oriented individual who has to live with certain conditions which sometimes are unacceptable to him but as he is considered as a most important aspect of any project he has to work selflessly with an inspired heart and steady mind to give his best during the odd times. He is the person who has to use his intellect without being egoist and thus he has to show an altruistic commitment to the work and behave like a sage to achieve the best results out of the work.

An individual either develops or possesses habits of a business analyst but there are certain sutras which I think should be followed while performing the routine activities, some of them are listed below:

  • Educate yourself: Education always plays a very vital role in the personal and professional development. It is the most important aspect and it doesn’t matter what the source of learning is. The same formula is applied to business analysts as well. A business analyst should always be in learning mode and it helps him in increasing the intellect and referring the live examples of senior business analysts act as a catalyst in the growth of junior analysts.  There are certain techniques and skills which should be groomed regularly in business analysts. The set of knowledge areas as defined by BABOK is also a necessary field to be learned by business analysts.

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