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Conflict Management

Conflict ManagementConflict may be defined as the struggle or difference or contest in the ideas between 2 different people or group or team with different understanding, belief, need, thoughts and goals. Conflicts are raised due to the change in the process, method, technique etc. Changes are normally not easily acceptable and in most of the times results into conflicts and in turn conflicts might escalate and results into non-productive results. Hence it is believed that managing or resolving these conflicts becomes the integral part for any high-performance team or group. The fact that conflict exists should not always be denied and it should be accepted that conflicts are good; if resolved effectively can results into personal and professional growth and development. Conflicts help us in becoming better communicators and improve relationships which in turn increase the business.

Managing these conflicts is the utmost important task for the organizations as it may result in getting benefits which were not expected earlier. If organizations can learn to manage this high probable event called conflict; the understanding of the team can be increased, people can increase self-knowledge and mutual respect can be developed remarkably. Continue reading