Personal skills and Business Analysis

Personal skills sometimes known as interpersonal or behavioral skills or people skills are most useful for a business analyst. First and foremost is the communication. A business analyst should be able to communicate with all the stakeholders in a way which is acceptable. There should not be much “I’s” in the communication when you are representing any team. It definitely portrays a wrong impression before the others. Communication is the only medium which helps in building rapport and relationships. It should not be half duplex. A good business analyst is one who is a good listener and accepts the criticism as well.   Learn to accept criticism as constructive and valued, rather than destructive and to be avoided at all cost.

A good BA looks at every problem as a new challenge and accepts it in a positive way. If the problem is so intense that there is situation of not implementing any optimal solution due to any of the reasons, a business analyst must be prepared to yield the least business benefit out of it. He should know how to make out the most from the least.

A BA should have problem solving skill. I believe instead of giving prompt responses at the time of critical situations a BA should check out for all the options available and then replies with the most appropriate one. The impact should not be fast at the time of critical decisions. A good listener can develop this kind of skill as he can analyze all the explained solutions. Preparing documents or listing down the necessary actions is another option which can help in providing solutions or develop problem solving skills. I would recommend immediately documenting thoughts that could be stored in short term memory.

Having leadership or management skills are the additional skill set for a Business analyst. Please note they are not the mandatory skills but if you possess the quality of taking ownership will automatically get developed in you which in a way or two always help in taking decisions in the business life cycle. Always remember a single process can never be followed for 2 different projects, thus having the management skills will help in dealing with the stakeholders at different situations. Trust in yourself and develop confidence to such level that your decisions should not be tweaked easily. Develop a trust and faith in the team so that your decisions should get influenced and get proper space in the business life cycle. There may be situations that presenting few slides and text would not be enough to present your idea or process before the business owners so you should be ready to accept the situation that you would get opposing views and in such conditions you should be able to withstand the pressure. Your own analytical and logical thinking can pull you out from such pressures. Focusing on the key factors always help in analyzing the requirements.

Experts believe that the personal skills are more important than the technical skills and they must be developed at each level of career in order to climb the corporate ladder easily. The communication, presentation, negotiation, conflict management are some of the skills which give the required edge to the business analysts.

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