Do you enjoy the tedious tasks

BA: Your team-mates enjoy the repeated tasks?

tedious-tasksThis is certainly a big question for everyone involved in a project and for the people sitting at management level, this becomes even more important to make the work environment enjoyable and make the team-mates enjoy their routine activities including the tedious tasks. The role of a business analyst (BA) is also important and he also comes under the same umbrella when the delegation of the tasks come into the picture.

As a BA, you should always keep in mind that you are the one who is on the driver seat and have to drive the projects. A BA is a critical link between IT team members and key individuals involved with a project to ensure its timely and successful completion. Being on this position, a BA has to drive many things from the start of the requirement elicitation till the project goes to the maintenance mode. And I believe if s/he is having such an important role, s/he should be able to make her/his team-mates comfortable working on the project on daily basis.

There are many tasks in the project life-cycle which are tedious and sometimes become tiresome that the team doesn’t find it productive and lack interests in doing the same, e.g. testing the existing functionality after implementing the new one to check the impact of later on the former, if any. And when the development is in full swing; the frequency of such testing increases and then it really becomes important to hold the testers to perform their work with same excitement and zeal.

So this is BA who has to cater such team needs to make them comfortable working on the given tasks. There are several ways which can be adapted by a BA to make such tedious tasks more interesting and the mates can be more energetic while implementing the tasks.

One can think that it’s the responsibility of a project manager/leader to engage his team and keep the spirits high to maintain the performance index high, so what a BA can do in that aspect. I think a BA who acts as a liaison among stakeholders has the responsibility of smooth work-flow in different teams and it is always commendable if he tries to put his feet in other team-mates shoes. This not only leads the BA to increase his knowledge about the know-how of the project but also increases the team’s potential and they feel comfortable.

Harry Paul described in his book, “Destination Work! Getting People Excited about Coming to Work and Working Hard” about the four B’s which all managers and leaders should follow to make the work environment friendly and comfortable. The four B’s are as below:

  1. Be Real
  2. Be Nice
  3. Be Interested
  4. Be Appreciating

Be real to your deeds and perform the tasks nicely with full interest and don’t forget to appreciate others on their achievements. A simple logic but the results are unfeignedly  remarkable.

I believe these 4 B’s are not only applicable to managers/leaders but also BA should think of these points. He is very important part of a project life-cycle and he has to cater many roles and responsibilities in his job. Thus it’s always advisable to think of these mentioned points while working with different stakeholders.

Again, I think a BA should not only run behind the dead-lines and other cost figures but also think of the potential of the team-mates and try to help them to place themselves in their preferred work-zone. Nobody is perfect at his work but if he gets some comfortable environment to perform the results can increase exponentially. Hence I believe not only PMs but BAs should also learn the tactics of making work environment more and more comfortable and healthy.

Getting timely feedback is also very important with respect to healthy work-culture. I think adapting to different work environment is always difficult for a new employee and hence along with PM, a BA should also work in this field to work-out the most favorable ways of working.

.If you’re at the top of the chain, sometimes people won’t give you honest feedback because they’re afraid. In this case, disguise yourself, or get feedback from other sources. ~ Steve Jobs

Hence a BA should think differently while working with different stakeholders and get timely feedback to make the work environment more comfortable as I think a good work-culture begets high performance.

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One thought on “Do you enjoy the tedious tasks”

  1. Tedious tasks are indeed enjoyable for me – Reason being the pleasure, pride attached with it after the achievement !!!! I am not sure how many of you actually look at things this way, atleast I do, I dream of glories and pride I will enjoy after completing a task, it makes the task more interesting and the will to complete it becomes even stronger & as Aniket rightly said
    Be Real
    Be Nice
    Be Interested
    Be Appreciating
    Because those 4 B’s will come back to you, people will think of you as a Real, Nice, Interesting person and will Appreciate you !!!

    Good writeup Aniket, these are simple things that matter a lot and make a huge difference, but people do not realise it.

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