Steps to become a BA

Become a BA – 3 simple steps

Business analysis is one of the most alluring career path for many IT and non-IT professionals. Business analysts who act like a liaison among different stakeholders always sit at the driver’s seat and manage the requirements throughout the project life-cycle. The BA’s job starts right from the planning and continues till the project moves to the maintenance phase. Business analysts are not bound to the job titles and they perform the set of tasks and techniques in order to understand the requirements and recommend the solutions. Business analysis is not just about the requirements and managing them but it is much more than that which includes problem analysis, process modelling, and stakeholder analysis, assessing and validating the solutions.

The business analysts focus on delivering business value and ensuring that the stakeholders’ needs are met. The basic fundamental to keep in mind is that the business analysis is not about completing the tasks in time but it’s about the processes, it’s about providing quality solutions against the business requirements and needs. During my career path I have been obliged to work with many skilled professionals and according to them the business analysis is not as easy as it seems and also it’s not as complicated as people make it. It’s about understanding the needs and moulding the skills as per the requirements. Getting into the BA shoes is very challenging as it requires lots of patience and intellect to deal with different stakeholders and in the meantime managing the requirements. But as Salvador Dali has said, “It is either easy or impossible”. So let’s make it easy to get into the BA shoes in 3 simple steps:

1. Identify the skills in you: Everyone in this immortal world possess certain set of skills. The only thing is to identify those skills in time and to perform with those skills. Business analysis is not different with this fundamental and as mentioned earlier too it is all about the processes and managing deliverables so the need of the hour is to identify the analytical skills within you. Some of the skills are inherited while others are developed with the course of time. We are born with numerous ideas but as we grow up we try to find alternates due to the fear of failure. As Paulo Coelho said, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  Once you overcome the fear of the failures there is no limit to success. Fear is nothing but a step ahead to unveil the truth. Identifying the skills in you is inversely proportional to the fear the more you identify the skills the more you can overcome the fear factor.

Business analysis is about working on certain processes and those processes require certain skills which are either inherited or developed with the time. The idea is to identify and act to suffice the need. Business analysis is by choice and there are certain qualities and habits which should be developed with time.

There are some niche skills which are used to accomplish a single task and for a BA it’s always better to think of those niche skills which eventually help in completing the tasks during the project life cycle. E.g. for online business marketing, the SEO and social media marketing skills can be niche for a BA as he is not responsible for that but if he knows about those skills, it’s always a plus.


2. Understand the responsibilities: Once you have decided to step into the shoes of a business analyst, it’s recommended to learn about the different roles and responsibilities offered to a BA. Do keep in mind that BAs can have different roles or designations across the organizations and the responsibilities changes with the project phases.  The different roles for a BA varied from technical to functional to planner. These set of responsibilities should be well understood before switching the career path to BA. It is always alluring to see the vast range of responsibilities but the fact is most of the organizations are not clear about the roles and responsibilities of a BA so s/he should be able to accept the responsibilities and work unselfishly with an inspired heart and steady mind. Understanding the responsibilities always help in accomplishing the goals. As Les Brown said, “If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams”.

It is well accepted fact that more work begets more responsibilities and to manage these responsibilities it’s important to understand the volume of work. Most people say that they are overloaded with work and responsibilities but the fact is about the perception in the mind which determines the worry and anxiety got developed with the responsibilities. So to cope up with this situation it’s always recommended to understand the intensity and then plan.

3. Think like a warrior: The mind always balances itself within the duality of pleasure and pain. On one hand if it thinks of pleasure of winning, it also scared of pain of failure. Most of us deal with these states of mind and always get stuck in reframing the reality. Always remember a warrior do not get allured with the materialistic attractions and work with evenness of mind. He is not scared of failures and never inebriates with the success in life instead always work to get rid of the duality of the mind by overcoming the turmoil of emotions and believes in Swadharma (A case of righteous action).

The same can be applied for a BA as well. BA who is a crucial part of the business and an organization can sometime has to face the failures while dealing with stakeholders. But if he thinks like a warrior instead of getting demoralized with these failures he can wield the emotions and get rid of the state of failure. Life keeps rolling on the wheels of success and failure; we have to just maintain the right pressure to avoid any accidents.

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