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BA Books“A quick reference to Business Analysis” is a guide for the aspiring business analysts which will  help them in learning the concepts and techniques. The book understands the plight of the business analysts who are not domain experts and assists in learning and growing in the discipline of business analysis.

In Chapter 1, the basics of business analysis are explained with the knowledge areas of a business analyst. The following chapters help the readers by depicting the concepts of requirements analysis and management leading to the details of the software and product development and the role of a business analyst in different phases of the development. Service management is the integral part of the IT industry and the book explains the obligations of a BA during service life-cycle.

In Chapter 7, the book covers the details of the underlying competencies helpful for a business analyst during routine activities. So, what you are waiting for? Just jump into the reading mode and explore the concepts of business analysis.

A guide for amateurs and the mode of revision for professionals; this book covers the different angles of business analysis.

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